Friday, December 11, 2009

The Little Drummer Boy

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. (1 Corinthians 10:31, NIV)

Two weeks and counting until Christmas Day! Christmas music is playing on my computer and in my car. The tree is up and decorated in silver, blue and purple, and the gifts are wrapped and sitting under the tree waiting for the glorious celebration of the birth of Christ and the sharing of gifts that brings much joy to the day. Don’t be mad at me that I’m done already. As a church secretary, the next two weeks will be busy enough. I love to listen to Christmas carols as I work to help remind me of the joy of the season when all I’m feeling is the stress the season so often brings.

One of my new favorite carols is “The Little Drummer Boy.” I know it’s been around for fifty years and I’ve heard it every year of my life, but it was only last year that it made its way to the top of my list of favorites. I’ve always thought the story in the song was cute, but that’s all it was – a cute little story. Last year, I heard a new rendition that not only caught my attention but sparked in me a new understanding of my relationship with Jesus.

In this new rendering, the words “I play my drum, I play my drum for the one who saved me” are repeated numerous times. The shepherds had sheep and the wise men had gold, frankincense and myrrh, but the little drummer boy had nothing to give and still he was compelled to come worship the King, albeit empty-handed. As I heard this new version for the first time last year and again this past week, it occurred to me that this isn’t just a story about a poor, little boy who had nothing tangible to offer his King. It’s a song about me.

On Christmas Day, as I come to give glory to the King, I also have nothing to give him worthy of the King of kings, the Prince of Peace, the Savior of the World. What shall I give to the one who created me, who breathed life into me, who gave me all I have, who loves me beyond reason, and who died on a cross to save me from my sinfulness and bring us into an eternal relationship? I can give only what I have – me. I’m a caring, encouraging woman and the Lord has generously blessed me in creativity and ability. I can offer that as my gift to the King, not just for one day, but every day of the rest of my life. If what I do for others is doing for him, then I can give compassion to the lonely and hurting as my gift to him. I can listen to and encourage a troubled friend for him. I can use the creativity and ability God gave me to give to him in a new way each day. Still a small, seemingly insignificant gift, consider the recipient, but just as the little drummer boy, it’s all I have. And like the drummer boy, when my song is over, I hope that Jesus will smile at me too.
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Pittsburgh, PA (December 2009)

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