Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hidden in Plain Sight

Last weekend, I heard a very inspiring sermon about God being hidden in plain sight. The preacher told a story of a special card that he had put in a “safe place” where he would always be able to find it and then, as you would guess, promptly forgot where he put it. He knew he didn’t lose it and was sure it was in his home somewhere and yet after months of searching, he still had been unable to find it. Then one day, as he was sitting in his chair in his home office, he spied the card, which all those months before, he had tucked in the corner of a picture frame hanging on the wall. After all the searching, there it was, hiding in plain sight the whole time. He then went on to say that God is like that special card – right there in front of us the whole time, but we don’t see him. He said that God is in the ordinary moments of our lives, but we too often overlook him and credit coincidence or luck instead of recognizing the “God”incidences and blessings in each day. This week, I decided to ask God to help me see Him “hiding in plain sight.”

As is common for a single person, I often feel alone, and being an introvert, enjoy it most of the time. However, last week - “alone” morphed into loneliness. Imagine my surprise this week when the “God”incidences and blessings the Lord opened my eyes to were repetitive reminders that I am loved and that I matter. From friends who, without coaxing, stopped by to say hello and stayed awhile to the unexpected email from someone in my church family letting me know he was thinking about me. There was the lovely unexpected card I received from a family member that I will keep on my bulletin board in front of my computer always and the phone call from a woman from the church I work at who just wanted to thank me for doing what I do. There are the phone calls from my brother that let me know he’s thinking about me and the best friend who is planning her visit to town this weekend. Then there were the unexpected moments where God shared his love for others in my actions – in the squeezing of the hand of a woman I was praying for, in welcoming a shy newcomer, and in being supportive to the friend who needed a shoulder to cry on.

As God continued to reveal himself to me in those ordinary moments, his joy and peace overcame my loneliness. This week has truly been a blessing. As I reflect on it, I can’t help but think about the preacher’s story. He had searched high and low for that card, but it was not his efforts that led him to find it. I think that this week’s lesson was not that God is hidden in plain sight in the ordinary moments of my life, but that if I want to see God in those moments, I need to ask him, and rely on him alone, to reveal himself to me that I might know the love and peace that comes only from God.
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Pittsburgh, PA (November 2009)
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Common Household Mom said...

Yes. Exactly. And how often I need to be reminded of this: Quit looking for grandiose evidence of God; rather look at all the good ordinary miracles around me.

Green Grandma said...

I had a strong urging to email you and ask you if you wanted to meet me for dinner before our meeting on Monday night. But I pushed aside the urging in the name of busyness. Please forgive me. You were on my mind all day and I didn't know why. Next time, I'll submit to that quiet coaxing.