Friday, September 3, 2010

Faithful Shepherd

He is my Faithful Shepherd
keeping watch over me each day,
and he looks until He finds me
when I turn around and stray.
Approaching the throne of Heaven
in repentance on my knee,
through blood-stained tears he reaches out,
in love, forgiving me.
Satan knows my weaknesses,
but Jesus hears my plea.
Though evil tries to chain my soul,
my Savior sets me free.
He heals my pain, my sorrow,
my shameful, sinful soul.
By God’s great love and grace alone,
I’m no longer Satan’s fool.
From mountaintops I speak my vow
of willing servitude.
My Lord, my God, dear Jesus my King,
forever I belong to You.

About the picture:
Blackwater Falls (May 2010)

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