Friday, December 10, 2010

Grief and Christmas

 Christmas, which should be one of the happiest times of the year for us, isn't always. It can be a sharp reminder of what is missing in our lives - those we love who have died. It is for those who grieve and especially for those who are facing their first Christmas without their loved one that I was compelled to write the poem below. Even in your grief, God's love and hope is true and there to comfort your aching heart. Merry Christmas!

As I peaked through heaven’s door today,
     I saw you.
You were trembling and in tears.
I could see the love we shared has been replaced
     with a crushing sense of loss
          --for now.
Anger, doubt and emptiness
     are consuming all your thoughts and devouring your soul.
No longer does your world makes sense
     because everything you thought you knew
          is uncertain and confused.
All you can do is mourn.

All around you others are celebrating Christmas.
They’re wearing their red and green
     and putting up their Christmas trees.
They’re gathering together their Christmas gifts
     and singing every carol.
I know you watch them doing all the things
     we were supposed to do together
          and your pain turns into anger
               for the Christmas Child.

If you could glimpse past heaven’s gate
     where his awesome glory shines and the angel choir sings,
his eternal peace would comfort you
     and fill your heart and soul.
All doubt would die and you would know
     that all we’ve known in faith is true.

I stand at heaven’s door because
     I want for you to know that it’s okay.
Though you’re sure you don’t believe right now,
     our God does lives and he loves you still.
Someday your pain and grief will fade
     and when it does you will truly know
          that throughout time when all else fails
               his love for you remains.

About the picture:
Allison Park, PA (December 2010)


Green Grandma said...

You know I love this poem. Thank you for sharing it with your blog community.

Merry Christmas, Maureen.

Common Household Mom said...

Maureen, thanks for sharing these thoughts in this form. And thanks for the utterly beautiful photos. Astounding.