Friday, January 28, 2011

Messenger of Love

I heard an amazing story on the radio yesterday. Apparently a British soldier in Afghanistan called his sweetheart from a phone booth and left a message pouring out his heart to her and proposing to her. He only had a few moments and explained that he will not be able to call her for another month. He talked about a friend and fellow soldier dying. He wanted her to know that he is always thinking of her is holding onto the dream of a future together with her. With death, destruction and danger around every corner, we can only hope he is able to come home to his love and marry her when his tour is over in three months. Here’s what makes this story unique – His girlfriend never got the message, because in his haste, the soldier misdialed the phone number and left the message on a stranger’s voicemail! Not knowing either the young man or his girlfriend and not having any way to reach them directly, the stranger turned to the media to get the message out hoping that the young woman would hear of her sweetheart’s proposal and that he is still safe and thinking of her.

I immediately realized that I am like that stranger who received the message – I too am compelled to pass it on. We have all received a message of love. “Follow me and I will redeem you and hold you in my hand and my heart forever. I will be with you always – I will love and protect you. I have given my life for you and want only to love you faithfully and fully for all time. What’s mine is yours if you will only say yes.” God spoke these words to me and he speaks these words to those around me who have yet to hear it. I must pass on his message of love.

How do I do that though? How do I get that most important message out to those around me who need to hear it? I can’t just walk up to a person I’ve never met and say, “Jesus loves you and died so that you and he could be together forever.” Well, I suppose I could, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. I guess I need to show them that God loves them by just loving them and letting them know that they are important to me because they are loved by him. I need to be the light on the hill that draws them up out of their dark valleys and when they can’t climb that hill, I need to bring that light down into their valley so that we can then climb that mountainside together. I need to be willing to walk with them if I am to guide them into his waiting arms. I need to open my heart and actually care for them so that they can see his love reaching out to them through me. And in doing so, I believe I will be transformed in the process. Perhaps that’s God’s way of telling me that he still loves me and that I am still important to him even after all these years.

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Parkwood Presbyterian Church (July 2009)

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Anonymous said...

This one reminds me of the climb into (and out of) the canyon at Blackwater Falls. "Going down into the valley and climbing out together" - what an image!! Love you Sis!! J