Monday, March 7, 2011

A Lenten Journey - Ash Wednesday

The poem "A Lenten Journey - A Modern-Day Psalm" has been divided into weekly devotions consisting of a short Lenten meditation followed by a Celebratory Praise. Take some time during the week to reflect on the Lenten meditation—see if you can find some part of yourself in the words and then have a heart to heart conversation with God about it. Then on Sunday, take some time to celebrate the love and grace God has lavished on you. (The poem in its entirety will be posted on Easter Sunday.)

Against Almighty God alone I have sinned.
Heap ashes upon my wretched head
and cover my shame with sackcloth
for I come to You O Lord on my knees.
I hide my face from Your holiness.
I am a sinner.
Oh, Father – forgive.
Death is my due.
Forever apart from Your glory.
In anguish my heart cries out to You.

Rejoice! Praise the God of heaven and rejoice
for the Lord has heard my cry.
He has reached out to me in His love
with grace and blessings.
He has called me His own!

About the picture:
North Park, PA (May 2010)

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