Monday, April 18, 2011

A Lenten Journey - Easter Week

The poem "A Lenten Journey - A Modern-Day Psalm" has been divided into weekly devotions consisting of a short Lenten meditation followed by a Celebratory Praise. Take some time during the week to reflect on the Lenten meditation—see if you can find some part of yourself in the words and then have a heart to heart conversation with God about it. Then on Sunday, take some time to celebrate the love and grace God has lavished on you. (The poem in its entirety will be posted on Easter Sunday.)

I’ve shouted, “Hosanna to the King” and cheered.
Yet how quickly I forget the hope You bring
when I want my desires, my own road
when Your will and Your way I don’t understand.
I call You Teacher, Friend and Lord
As we gather at the table,
break the bread and drink the wine.
Yet abandon You for sleep and run away in fear
when the time of trial arrives.
For my guilt You are dishonored, Your name cursed
at the whims of evil men.
In despair I see You hanging on a tree for the sum of my sins.
And then it is done.
All that is left are tears.

Rejoice! Praise the God of heaven and rejoice
for the Lord has Risen from the grave.
He has heard my cry and my confession,
forgiven and redeemed my sinful soul,
and formed in me a faithful heart.
He has summoned me to follow Him.
He has reached out to me in His love
with grace and blessings.
He has called me His own!
Alleluia! Praise the Father! Praise the Spirit!
Praise the Son! Alleluia and Amen!

About the picture:
Blackwater Falls State Park (May 2010)

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