Saturday, July 23, 2011

In Your Word

Over the last month, God has begun in me an amazing journey through Psalm 119. God has drawn me to this Psalm not just for reflection, but as a conversation between him and I. I am taking it a stanza at a time and as I meditate on His Word, the Spirit is inspiring me to respond in verse. Though I am a writer – I have no words to express how God has touched my spirit in this process so far, however I can share some of the experience with you by sharing a few of the poetic responses that has come from my study time.

So many choices,
so little knowledge
from which to make a decision.
How am I to know
the road I am to travel?
I cry out for direction
only to receive a chorus
of conflicting answers.
How am I to choose
from this chaos of indecision?
On my knees I seek Your guidance
and You draw me to Your Word.
With a word from Your lips – You created,
with an utterance – You conquered sin.
In the silence of Your written Word
You enlighten me,
You console me and
You guide my steps.
In Your Word I hear Your counsel,
witness Your example,
and Your wisdom is revealed to me.
Each time I seek You in Your Word,
Your comfort embraces me.
Your love settles in my heart
for You are with me.
In Your Word I seek forgiveness
and You bless my soul with grace.
Your Word nourishes and fills me
more than any food or drink.
Lord, I ask only that Your Word
breathe life in me
and in the power of Your Word
You would change me.

Response to Psalm 119:9-16

About the picture:
Parkwood Presbyterian Church (July 2011)

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