Monday, August 1, 2011

The Dance of the Faithful

Over the last month, God has begun in me an amazing journey through Psalm 119. God has drawn me to this Psalm not just for reflection, but as a conversation between him and I. I am taking it a stanza at a time and as I meditate on His Word, the Spirit is inspiring me to respond in verse. Though I am a writer – I have no words to express how God has touched my spirit in this process so far, however I can share some of the experience with you by sharing a few of the poetic responses that has come from my study time.

Only under the care of Your watchful eye
and powerful hand will I be protected,
fulfilled and enlighten.
You alone can reveal the mysteries
of Your grace and Your glory.
I'm not able navigate these unfamiliar waters
without the compass of Your Word,
Your Will
leading me on the path marked out for me.
Though my soul aches for Your Presence,
my mind is scattered and distracted,
my heart divided in the tug-of-war
between Your everlasting grace
and the world’s momentary pleasure.
My strength is fickle in its resolve
to love and follow You.
And though You’ve forgiven and forgotten my sins,
I'm surrounded by those who
would make fun of me for failing
to maintain the perfection of the LORD
in my witness
and in my living.
There are those who deny Your existence
on the evidence of my example
as I once did
before Your grace saved my wretched soul.
I will not curse them
for my heart weeps for their predicament.
They are lost and boldly continue on with pride
the path of their own destruction.
And though their hopelessness demands my pity,
their laughter and harsh words cut deep into my heart
and bring a flush of shame upon my face.
Only in the shadow of Your love and grace
will I find the faith to endure and survive,
to rise above.
You've told me they will gossip
and call me names. Still, Your hand
will hold my head high in the face of their insults
and Your joy will fill my heart.
Your Word will fill my mind
and fall from my lips
in the battle of their indifference.
Your power will restore my strength as
Your Spirit lifts my soul.
Renew me Lord to be Your light
in a dark and sinful world
and bring me into a
place of Your keeping.

Response to Psalm 119:17-24

About the picture:
Parwood Presbyterian Church (July 2011)


Audrey said...

This is very touching Maureen! I hope that soon you will be able to totally forgive yourself for whatever still haunts your heart and soul. You know...I hope... that He already has. Peace and love to you!

Common Household Mom said...

Thanks for this. As I am currently "navigating unfamiliar waters", and I find my mind indeed "scattered and distracted" it helps to be reminded where to turn.