Monday, October 31, 2011

The Battle Within Won from Above

How I wish my heart was ever faithful.
Yes, perfectly determined to follow You.
Yet the fancies of this world
entice me, often causing me to stray.
Forgive my wavering devotion tainted
by this world’s distractions
which all too often steal the worship which
rightfully belongs to You.
Diverted from Your Holy Word,
from seeking Your will, Your righteousness,
Your love and grace -
I find myself empty and craving Your embrace.
You’ve spoken me into existence
and ordained my each and every day.
Your Word nourishes and sustains me.
Your will – my very life upon its journey.
I humbly confess Lord that
my mind, my heart, my soul’s desire
to follow You in all my ways
waxes and wanes as an ocean wave.
Only Your Spirit can turn my heart
from this world’s worthless riches
to receive the timeless treasures of Your Truth.
And still my hope is not ill-placed
as you have promised to restore my soul.
Your grace will grow a holy love in me for You
beyond this world’s momentary temptations.
And so I resolve to listen and learn
as Your Spirit fills my heart and head
with a deep-rooted awareness
of Your Way and Your Word.

Poem in response to Psalm 119:33-40
About the pictures:
Pittsburgh PA Dec. 2009
Deer Lake Park Nov. 2010

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