Monday, November 7, 2011

Beautiful and Loved

There is a scene in the movie Good Will Hunting where Robin William’s character, psychologist Sean Maguire is talking with Will Hunting (played by Matt Damon), an uneducated, troubled young man whose abusive childhood has left him untrusting of others and unmotivated to rise above his unhappy, lonely life or to live up to his full potential as the math genius he was born to be. Sean points to a file folder filled with the accounts of Will’s many abuses at the hands of his father and then in the foster homes he grew up in.

Sean says to him, “Will, what’s in here is not your fault.”

Will says “I know, Sean.”

Then Sean says it again and again and again, “Will, it’s not your fault.”

Will continues to reply, “I know” until he eventually breaks down and cries in Sean’s arms. Sean’s constant barrage of the truth burrowed through the wall Will had built up in childhood to keep the world and it’s hurtfulness at a distance. And in reaching that part of Will’s heart that was broken and hurting, Sean helped Will to begin to heal.

It’s a very powerful scene for me especially because I don’t have a good self image and my self esteem leaves a lot to be desired especially when I find myself facing challenging times. You can tell me that God still loves me and that in him I have worth and value and I’ll say I know, but not really. Not in my heart where the hurt and confusion is.

I tell you all of that because this past week, God has been doing a Sean Maguire on me with two songs that I have been hearing over and over again: Beautiful by Mercy Me and You Cannot Lose My Love by Sara Groves. Since I know I can’t be the only insecure person on the planet, I wanted to share the message of these songs which God has brought to me this week.

Remember – you are beautiful because God sees you that way and you cannot lose his love ever.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you - I needed reminding this week....