Monday, November 21, 2011

My Job Song

I've been feeling ill for the last couple of days so when it came time to write this week's blog, I really didn't have much energy or enthusiam. I couldn't not post something though, so I've decided to share this poem written in response to Psalm 119:65-72 I penned just this week in my continuing study of Psalm 119. I hope you are blessed as much in the reading as I was in the writing. May God bless you with much thankfulness and great joy this week.

My Job Song
So much I have suffered.
Even more I have lost.
Yet I rejoice and
praise Your name
for You are my comfort.
You have renewed
and restored what was taken.
This world has used
and abused me,
stolen my identity,
taken my future,
my very reason for living.
Yet I will rejoice
for You Lord have healed me.
My scars are your triumph
and I will display them
for Your purpose
and glory.
There is never enough
enough time,
enough means to sustain me
Yet I rejoice, Lord Jesus
for your generosity is amazing
My once empty heart
abides ripe in Your hope
Your love and Your grace uphold me.
Your unrelenting patience
conquers my arrogance,
my brokenness,
my greed.
Drawn to Your gentleness,
I hear my Shepherd’s
soothing tone,
and my heart soars
and sings
Your Word settles in my ear
and I will heed Your call.
Through the valley, I follow
knowing You will lead the way,
the way of truth and love and grace,
the way home to You,
my Savior, my God, and my King.

About the picture: Deer Lake Park (October 2009)


Audrey said...

This verse is both lovely and powerful at the same time! As always, I appreciate you sharing your innermost thoughts with me.

Common Household Mom said...

I hope you feel better, and that you, too, will find great joy this week and every day.