Monday, November 14, 2011

Whose Life Is It Anyway?

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to do a rather large favor for someone. I admit, I didn’t want to break my routine, shuffle around my plans, or give up my “me” time. However, I did have the time and ability to be of some help and it was a reasonable request – one I felt heart-bound to respond to and something I know the Lord would want me to do. What else could I do? I said yes.

As I was on my way to do this thing, I remember praying, “Lord, help me to not be stingy with my time. Part of me would rather just go home, eat dinner, watch a little TV, and maybe clean up a little. Help me to wholeheartedly and joyfully offer my time, my attention, my abilities, and my….. That’s when it hit me exactly how self-centered I could be. Even in my prayers…”my” time, “my” attention, “my” abilities…. None of that is really “mine.” God gave and gives the time, attention, ability and everything else I have to offer. I don’t own it and it is not mine to give or keep. I began to pray again. This time I asked the Lord to guide me in the giving of the time, abilities and love he allowed and enabled me to share with those in need in this situation.

If we are being honest, we’d have to admit that we’re all a little self-centered. It’s how we learn, how we keep safe, it’s how we perceive the world around us – in relationship to ourselves. But, when we start thinking that we are giving of our own storehouse, our own commodities of time, talent, and empathy – that’s when we let God’s work, God’s love, and God’s power be reduced to the limited confines of human ability and understanding.

What if it’s not about me? What if my life, my whole existence, is about Someone else? What if it’s all about God and I’m just a part of God’s existence, God’s story? The Bible tells me that everything I have, everything I am, everything I will ever possess is his and he’s just allowing me to be a part of his story by inviting me into it, allowing me to access all he possesses to reach out to those around me, not for my sake or my glory, but for his. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for he is worthy of all praise and glory. May the life he has breathed into me bring glory and honor to his name.

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Deer Lake Park (October 2010)


Green Grandma said...

A lovely reminder for all of us who cling to our 'mys' and treasure our 'me' time above all else.

Audrey said...

This "me,me,me," issue is something that I struggle with all of the time...and have struggled with all of my life! I know that everything I am and everything I have, is only mine on loan from Him. It is in living this truth that I struggle! Knowing that God will forgive me again and again, gives me the strength to keep on trying...without His forgiveness I would live in despair! God is great!