Monday, February 13, 2012

The Order of Things

Blackwater Falls, WV
The Psalms are poetry. They're songs, hymns actually - the music of God's people. Some months ago, I began an unusual study of Psalm 119.As I began to study the first eight verses of the psalm, I was inspired to write a poem. The experience was so fulfilling that I knew I had to meditate and respond to the rest of this psalm in kind. I'm not retelling scripture, but responding to it's message. In my poetic response to Psalm 119:73-80, I found a prayer I needed to pray. May it bring you hope, and if need be, to your knees as well.

Here I am again, Lord
on my knees
I thought I could handle it,
make the right decision without You
just this once. It seemed so easy,
so simple a choice
and again, I’m amiss.
Why didn’t I seek Your wisdom, Lord –
Eternal, holy wisdom
which You’re only too pleased to impart?
Didn’t I know that You created it all?
It was Your plan, Your power
that formed everything there is
out of the chaotic emptiness that was.
You formulated
and fashioned
the order
that makes moment flow into moment,
that cycles water from air to land to air,
that pulls the waves into the shore
and thrusts them back upon the sea.
Yours is the order that provides precious air
for man and animal and plant alike
to breathe.
The order that ties brother to brother
and You to me –
it all exist because of Your hand.
And yet Your Word, Your Will, I did not seek.
So now I’m here in humility, on my knees
awaiting Your command.
Grant me understanding, GOD.
Bring to life Your Word
in my heart and mind.
Place Your Word on my tongue
and grow in me the desire
to follow You all of my days
every step of the way
to my journey’s end.

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