Monday, March 26, 2012

The Gift of Time

The Gift of Time
God, where were You
when my childhood was shattered,
my innocence ripped away?
Where were You, Almighty God
When callous and unforgiving words
sliced away
day after day
slaying the little girl within?
Where were You Lord
when the emptiness and shame
haunted and maimed?
Oh how I prayed for an end to my pain
and still you were silent.
I held tight to my anger,
my pride and my way
blaming the world the further I strayed.
Seeking my idols,
defending my wrath,
anything I could to disobey.
Defying Your rules as I sought my own path.
And still I called out,
I cried,
I yelled and I begged
Where are You God?
And why don’t you care?
Am I so repulsive?
So worthless?
So bad?
And as I lay down to die
in this valley,
the slimy pit of my sin,
a Voice so gentle, so sweet,
rose first in my heart,
then filling my ears,
“My dear little child,
I was just giving you time.
Time for your empathy to grow and mature,
to nurture compassion and grace.
Time to distinguish
the hope found in Me,
to recognize My peace
time for you to want to be free
from the bondage of sin
and misery.
I was only giving you time
my child, because I knew,
I knew on this day,
I’d find you here ready,
waiting for Me as you prayed.”

(Response to Psalm 119:81-88)
About the pictures: Phipps Conservatory (April 2009)

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Audrey said...

I am very moved by this! It is so true...He is always there waiting for us to be ready for Him. The process of "being ready" is never easy or smooth...I don't think we can totally appreciate the immensity of His grace until we find ourselves needing His immense grace to save us!