Monday, March 19, 2012

Leaning on Each Other

Last Tuesday, I woke up in a very fragile state. I was spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. As I forced myself through the motions of getting ready for work, each step felt like I was trying to walk against the tide. I was on l overload and couldn’t take one more stimulus and I hadn’t even left my apartment yet. I have to admit that I left my home that morning with selfish motives – Tuesday mornings are when I have the joy of meeting with a group of friends for fellowship and study and I was looking forward to their support and sympathy.

I didn’t get what I wanted that morning, not exactly anyway. Each of my friends had major things going on in their lives as well and they were looking for the group’s support and sympathy just as I had been. As the day went on, I encountered even more people whose crushing concerns were just as overwhelming for them as mine was for me. I couldn’t get a break.

In early evening, I had a moment to reflect on the day before an evening meeting began and it occurred to me that we really are all broken people – each and every one of us and if we’re going to make it through this life – we have to do it together just as we are. You’re going to have to be my eyes while I am your ears. You – my legs, me – your arms.  I thought back to the morning’s fellowship and realized that even though I had nothing of substance to offer – no wisdom, or skill or ability to fix any of my friends’ problems, I do know the One who does. He had called me to support these dear friends by being a listening ear, in crying with them, and offering my compassion. Broken as I was, he was using me to support them in their brokenness. Together we limped and crawled to Jesus with each other’s burden weighing heavy between us. I can’t speak for them, but I found peace, and enough strength to get through every moment of the day, and joy in being able to love these dear friends in Christ. All of a sudden, my weak but well meant companionship and prayer support was not such a small thing – but a miraculous gift of victory from God. Even out of the nothing I had to give – God provided all we needed in each other.

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Pittsburgh, PA (April 2010)


Audrey said...

This is such an important message Maureen! Sometimes when things are overwhelming, it is hard to realize that the people around us are probably just as overwhelmed with their lives as we are with ours. When I realize that fact, two crucial truths speak to me. One...every one of us is just doing our best to struggle through life with ourselves intact...and two, He is the only one who can always be counted on to smooth over those ragged edges that come during the "rough" times! As always, thanks for sharing yourself and making me think!

Common Household Mom said...

Words of wisdom. It is hard to provide for others when we are just limping along ourselves. But better to be limping along together.