Monday, May 14, 2012

Your Word Reveals

Your Word Reveals
You’ve told me I am loved
and cherished
Your bride, Your child
Your very own
ransomed and redeemed
by Your hand alone.
I’m restored and renewed
by Your bloody cross –
So says Your Word
for my sin,
You paid the cost.
I’ve heard Your voice calling me
“This is the way!

Walk and be free.
I’ll be your strength
When you have nothing left to give
I’ll pull you from the pit.
I’ll hold your hand.
I’ll carry you.
My love for you runs deep – 

I will not let you quit.”
You Lord have heard my cry
and eased my heart’s dismay.
You are my hope,
the light that shines
to guide me on my way.
You see into my heart and mind.
You know, in sin I’ve turned away.
My regrets, my crimes
I cannot hide.
We both know I’ve disobeyed.
Yet I won’t give into fear,
but shall rejoice and pray.
For your compassion never fails.
Your love and mercy
are new each day.
You’ve given to me life anew,
healed my brokenness.
You bound my wounds,
eased my pain
and made them into gifts.
Gifts of compassion, love and grace
of empathy for all.
And chosen me to love the lost
the hurt, the wounded,
those who fall.
This is Your gift to me,
to them,
to share as You command.
How wonderful it is
to be a part of Your master plan.
Someday, You tell me in Your Word,
You’ll be coming on a cloud.
Your power and glory shining
with trumpets blasting loud.
And on that day it will be said
that Almighty God fulfilled
all that He had vowed.

Response to Psalm 119:97-104
About the pictures: Pittsburgh, PA (June 2010)

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