Monday, June 4, 2012

The Beginning

This week, God seemed to be drawing me back to the beginning. It seemed that "beginnings" was constantly being brought to my attention from conversations to situations I was involved in, even to a rerun of sitcom pilot episode. They say that every ending is a new beginning and I've had my share of endings and beginnings in my life, both good and bad, just like you.

As I think back to the beginning of my relationship with God, I may not remember the exact date, but I will never forget the incredible hope I felt when God open the floodgate of wisdom and understanding and I finally got it that Jesus is alive, loving me, wanting to shower me in his grace and forgiveness. He created me to love him and showed me how to love him in return by being the perfect example in the person of Jesus Christ. He didn't demand or coerce my deep affection, but waited patiently for me to make the decision to respond to his unsolicited, unwavering grace.

As I look back now on those first moments of my decision for Christ as Lord and Savior in my life, I can understand why Jesus so often compared the relationship of God and man to a marriage with him as the groom and his people, the church, as his bride. Having been a bride twice, I have lots of experience to draw on. The first time I walked down the aisle I was very young and naive. It never occurred to me that life would be anything other than "happily ever after." The second time, I was a little older and wiser, thinking I was going into it with my eyes wide open and finding that no one can fully be prepared for the unpredictability of the future. I look back over the last thirteen years and I see how much I've grown in my relationship with the Lord. There is a deeper understanding now that as new believer back then, I couldn't have begun to fathom. I think that the moments spent in God's presence worshiping, praying, learning, leaning on and relying on him has strengthen my love for God and my commitment to him. It's those shared moments that hold us together and which we build our relationship upon.

Our relationship continues to grow as time goes on. As mature as I feel our relationship is now compared to when it first began, that's how much more mature it will be in the yearsto come compared to right now. This is a lifetime commitment - a day to day resolve to love each other. Now God being God will never falter or waver in his love or attention and me being human most definately will. But even in my failures, my wanderings, God will be with me and for me. His grace and forgiveness will be available and waiting for me. His promises will remain. Praise God!

In thinking about beginnings this week, the Spirit inspired this poetic picture I want to share with you of that moment thirteen years ago when I gave my life to Christ. Enjoy and be blessed!

My Vow
Professing my love,
I gave my heart,
as if a young bride
looking forward to her new life.
Yet not really knowing
the depths
of the lifetime commitment
I readily declared.
With a new joy
so pure and profound,
I offered all I had –
an impoverished soul
and the days left to come.
I spoke of my love and loyalty
to my Creator,

my Savior and King.
In gratitude giving all I am for
He drew me from the void
of my sin and shame,
forgiven and free,
to the solace of His embrace.
An eternal bond possible
between God and me
by the absolute grace
He so passionately gave
upon the Cross of Calvary.
Yes, even before I knew Him,
God’s amazing love
was calling out for me.

About the pictures:
Ficther Fairy Garden (June 2011)

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I needed to hear this today.... Thank you.