Monday, August 13, 2012

The Christian Life

Riverside Inn, Cambridge Springs, PA (August 2013)

I'm still working my way through my poetic study of Psalm 119. What I find most amazing is that the poems I write in response to God's Word in Psalm 119 never end up where I think they are going to as I begin to write them. I hope you are blessed in the reading as I was blessed in the writing of this poetic response to Psalm 119:113-120.

The Christian Life
The Lord is my Shepherd,
the Vine to my branch,
the Light in my darkness,
the Wisdom that guides my hand.
He is the Strength in my weakness,
My Beginning and End,
The Peace in my chaos,
My Redeemer and Friend.
Nonetheless I turn my back
deceived by Satan’s lies.
I run away from the narrow path
till in my sin I’m paralyzed.
“Jesus, Jesus,” I cry out in shame
soiled in my disgrace.
“Help me, save me” I implore in Your Name
and turn from my sin as I seek Your face.
Not in dismay or fear
do I plead my case
But in the covenant promise
of Your most amazing grace.
You pick me up and bind my wounds,
You love and embrace the sinner I am,
and feed my empty soul with Your eternal Word.
You are Christ, the solid rock on which I stand.

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