Monday, September 10, 2012

The Bible Is...

Today's poetic response to Psalm 119:129-136 reads like an answer to the question - Why do you read the bible? Or perhaps - How can you read that over and over again? Doesn't it get boring? There are times when I'm not as diligent in reading my bible as I should be. This poem is a reminder to me of why it is so important to me to make it a priority in my day. Enjoy!

Fichter Fairy Garden June 2011

The Bible Is…
In Your living Word
There is hope and love
redemption and peace
on which to feast.
Understanding and power
words of substance
to devour
to enlighten and teach
to nourish my soul
words of joy
to make me whole.
Words of proof and promise
that Your love never fails.
Word of the living God
to each of us revealed.
Words that show Your holiness
Your perfect love
Your sacrifice.
Words that give me life.
Words in my weakness
that endure and suffice.
Words that guide me
and show me the Way
that open my heart
that teach me pray.
That speak of forgiveness
of passion and grace
that speak of me,
my sins erased
as I rejoice
in Your Holy embrace.

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Audrey said...

Thank you Maureen for making the vital words in the Bible come alive with poetry, grace, and deep meaning!