Monday, November 5, 2012

Pondering the Political "ISM"

This is the week when Americans will have the opportunity to vote. Some will vote for their favored candidate and many will vote against their least favored candidate. I applaud everyone who has taken the time to try to discern what the candidates really stand for from their carefully-staged platforms and opponent bashing campaign rhetoric. This Tuesday, many will be making choices to elect the officials who will be ruling over us for the next few years. But remember that when it comes to true power, it is already decided who has dominion over us. As mixed-up and chaotic as this country and this world may seem to be - God really does have control and we will one day see His kingdom come here on earth as it is in heaven. No matter who is elected this Tuesday, God is still King of the Universe and God over them whether they admit or not.
I once was tasked to write poems about different worldviews or "ISM's" that we as humans rely on to bring order into our lives and which we allow to guide us in our actions and interactions with others. (ie: relativism, materialism, and politicalism) In honor of election day this week, I would like to share with you the one I wrote about politicalism. Enjoy! 
Pondering the Political "ISM"
I’ve heard it said
that there is no place
for God in government
and in the social order –
Jesus isn’t relevant.

“We know what’s best”
we proudly proclaim
to coexist
in an amiable way.
We have our rules
to live by
to keep us all in line
and they will serve us well –
at least in my lifetime.
So what if they create problems,
raise one group above the rest,
take from some to give to others,
don’t you know, we’re doing our best?

So what if God created us
and knows us better than
we know ourselves?
Writing laws upon the hearts
of those that he indwells.
And what does it really matter
that Jesus showed us all the way
to love and respect all human life
each and every day?

Perhaps we need to look again
at what it is we think we know.
Then give back the crown to God
and watch Jesus break the status quo.

About the picture: North Park, PA (September 2011)

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