Monday, January 14, 2013

Blessed Humility

Last week we returned to our poetic journey through Psalm 119 and we're so close to the end of the Psalm now that I was driven to response to the next set of verses (145-152) this week. Also, after the poem, is my report on a few of my God stories from this last week. If you remember, two weeks ago I challenged myself and anyone who cared to join me to look for and share what God is doing in our everyday life for 30 days because "that would be a story worth sharing." Enjoy!

Blessed Humility
I love that moment in prayer
when I realize all over again
how great is my need for my Savoir
in the presence of Jesus,
my Redeemer and King.
Before my God, I’m on my knees
admitting my weaknesses, my sin.
Not in fear with trembling, yet
marveling in Your grace.  
So much in me I want to hold back –
to keep just a little of my sin,
to dabble in that darkness
that, for me, has been a familiar place.
Yet I know if I am to serve You,
to love You with all I am,
with all my mind,
my heart and soul,
nothing from You can I withhold –
my dreams, my hopes,
my fears and my woes,
my strengths and weaknesses too.
Even in my uncertainty,
with overwhelming gratitude
I give all I am to You.
No strings – no disclaimers do I make.
I’m Yours to do with as You please.
Spirit of God work in me.
Make my heart Your very own.
Reach out to those in need.
Teach and love and heal them Lord
with Your Word of Truth, Your arm of grace.
I pray You choose to use my simple song
and compassionate embrace
to show the world Your glory,
bring about Your kingdom for them to see.
And Lord it would be my privilege
if You would consider reaching out to them through me.

My God Stories
I have a friend I have been praying for who has been going through a hard time and will be enduring this hardship for a long time to come. Part of my prayer for her is that God would bless her with moments of peace and joy. This past week, she called excited over a good thing that occurred and it was such a blessing to hear joy in her voice again.

I have been battling against a particularly unhealthy habit recently and losing that fight completely. With some guidance and lots of prayer this week, the Lord has enabled me to be free from it for six days now. Praise God!!!

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I am excited to finish this journey through Psalm 119 and being so close, I asked God to work the next poem in me. Saturday morning, he greatly amused me in that my spontaneous, completely unscripted prayer time came out of my mouth completely in meter and rhyme! I was laughing out loud by the time I got to “Amen”! It certainly helped set the tone for the poem above. What a wonderful God we serve!

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Audrey said...

What a wonderful God indeed!