Monday, January 28, 2013

God of Love and Righteousness

Another leg in our journey through Psalm 119 - my poetic response to verses 153-160. Also, after the poem, is my report on a few of my God stories from this past week. What a great time I've had looking for and reporting on what God has been doing in my life. Enjoy!

God of Love and Righteousness
Only You know why Lord
when You had no need of more
You took upon Yourself the crafting
of mankind – a largely thankless chore.
For we do not give the praises
that so rightfully belong to You.
Nor do we faithfully live in gratitude
for all the things You are or do.
You created us in Your own likeness
and breathed in us the Breath of Life
You called us sons and daughters
and talked and walked with us.
You shone Your light upon us
You provided our every need
Yet in our pride and arrogance
we renounced Your Divinity.
Sinful, we hid from Your holiness
when we should’ve fallen to our knees.
Now You, the Lord, had a quandary –
What’s a holy righteous God to do
when the object of Your affection
chooses sin and death
over Your perfection?
How can Your love allow us
to answer for our crimes – to die?
How can Your righteousness,
without our deaths, be satisfied?
Oh what a predicament You found Yourself in
and what were You to do?
You stayed Your hand of justice
just for a little while.
Long enough to arrange
for Your miraculous arrival.
In human flesh, yet sinless
You came into this world You made
and taught us to love and seek Your way,
to rely upon Your mercy.
You urged us all to repentance
to receive forgiveness in Your Name.
Then gallantly You took our place in death
to satisfy Your righteousness.
But death can’t hold the great I Am
and victoriously You rose to claim
those who rely upon Your sacrifice
to take away their sin and shame,
to restore in them Your holiness.
You’ve redeemed Your wayward children
O glorious God of love and righteousness.

God Stories:
As an introvert, I need a considerable amount of alone time to recharge and energize myself. In his infinite grace, God gave me four wonderful days of peace and quiet which I used to rest, relax, and read - about him in my bible and in books about prayer and spiritual warfare.

I was blessed to witness some wonderful things this week: a family bringing their youngest to be baptized and sharing their stories of faith with us and also an adult who shared his incredible faith journey from a Jewish background to agnostic to passionate follower of Christ, as well as celebrating the joy of God's abundance and being part of sharing that abundance with missionaries across the world and mission agencies in our community.

What is God doing in your life?

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