Monday, January 7, 2013

What Is Justice Without Mercy?

We've taken quite a break from my poetic journey through Psalm 119 and I thought it would be nice revisit it with a new poetic response to verses 137-144. Also, after the poem, is my report on a few of my God stories from this last week. If you remember, last week I challenged myself and anyone who cared to  join me to look for and share what God is doing in our everyday life for 30 days because "that would be a story worth sharing." Enjoy!

What Is Justice Without Mercy?
Though justice may seem more noble,
more righteous,
more right,
who is qualified to judge
among the inmates of this life?
Poised with a pride we haven’t earned.
Liars, thieves, blasphemers all!
Hiding behind our virtuous masks
building up our righteousness
on another’s fall.
Judging sisters and brothers
as if one brand of sin is better
or less wretched
than another.
It’s not our place to condemn
to point our finger at someone else
to build our pulpit on each other’s sins
all the while
singing our righteous hymns.
Jesus came to earth
to fulfill the letter of the law.
To take upon himself
every person’s fall!
Your pride,
my addictions,
his gluttony,
and her lies.
No sin is left unpaid for
even before the sinner’s cry.
No life is beyond redemption.
God will work in and though us all,
every last one of us
no matter where or when
or how we fall.
If we are to judge,
let us judge – forgiven.
Let us see past the stain of sin
that marks our every fall
and just as Jesus taught us –
embrace every man and woman.
It’s not for us to say when and where or how.
Christ has redeemed our sin-stained souls and
God’s love and grace are upon us now.

My God Stories
Last week, I had the great blessing of sharing New Year's dinner with my family. My mother had a high blood pressure issue and heart attack symptons the Tuesday before Christmas and while I am keenly aware of what a blessing family is, I was reminded of how blessed I am to have this time to share with my mom and all of my family.

Also, I was faced with temptation that I really didn't want to resist. Knowing my weakness, I prayed diligently to the Lord to make it possible for me do the right thing even thought I really, really didn't want to. My prayer was heard and answered in that God not only made it possible, but made it impossible for me to make the wrong choice.

Then later in the week, I was feeling rather insecure and insignificant and instead of seeking comfort and approval from others, I focused my mind on the fact that my significance comes from God and even if I didn't feel it, I was loved and important to him. The next few hours, he proved that to me through several unprovoked compliments given and through the words of a song I heard.

I hope you had a wonderful week filled with God stories and would love to read any you wish to share.


Common Household Mom said...

'to build our pulpit on each other’s sins"

An excellent expression of this terrible action.

Audrey said...

I have found in my life that too often I want to judge most harshly that sin that doesn't tempt me or apply to me. Yet, as you and many others have said...sin is sin. I find that I am in a much better place in my life when I focus on my own sin, my own life, and my own ministry, and leave the sin, the lives, and the ministry of others for God to take judge and take care of! Knowing he loves me as he does, makes it all possible. Thanks for sharing Maureen!