Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Great Adventure

This is my 200th post. What a pleasure it has been to share with you for close to four years now. This week we are almost at the end of our journey through Psalm 119 with this- my poetic response to verses 161-168. I hope you have been as blessed by reading the poetry inspired by this psalm as I have been in writing it. Next week, I will post the very last poetic response to this most inspiring psalm. In the meantime...Enjoy!

Our Great Adventure
Your holy Word,
mighty and true,
maintains my footing on
this narrow path I travel
hand in hand with You.
In faith,
by Your great power,
I traverse each valley
along the way,
climb each mountain
eager to meet
face to face
The LORD my God
one glorious day
and revel in Your grace.
Your Word of life,
of love and peace
I hold most precious of all.
Your Word of truth is
solid ground
beneath my feet
a sure and steady path
through the shifting sands
of Man's great fall
and far away from
Your righteous wrath.
Every moment is a reason
to fall upon my knees
with praises to my God
in song and verse and deed.
Your holy Word of wisdom
fulfills my every need.
How fortunate I am
to abide within Your grace
for You see me to my very core.
Someday this veil of flesh
will hinder me no more
and I will see Your promises,
my place with You restored.
Content, fulfilled, complete,
in Your embrace I'll be once more.
To hear Your commands
and obey You Lord -
that is the joy I'm living for.

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Audrey said...

Very lovely and very moving Maureen!