Monday, April 29, 2013

The Way, the Truth, and the Life in Me

The Way, the Truth, and the Life in Me
Jesus is creating in me a new life.
One worth living.
One that is filled with love and joy,
with hope and anticipation.
Even when I’m sad and despairing,
His hope fills and embraces me.
His hope is the rock I stand on to gain my footing
and it’s the light that guides me in purposeful living.
Step by step He leads me to be actively involved in my community,
with a servant’s heart sharing my resources, my skills, and my abilities.
He is present in the great celebrations,
in deep devastation,
in every life situation.
He is alive and ingrained in the moments of my day.
He is the spark and the ability,
He is the forbearance and the drive to reach out to the needy,
to comfort the sick and the hurting,
to feed those who are hungry,
to bring peace to the factions,
and cry with those in mourning.
His will brings me to my destination
while His power works through me
to touch the hearts and lives of those I’m meeting.
What a blessing it is when He works through my words, my deeds.
For I too am transformed by those divine interactions.
Still there are times when I am unsure, hesitant.
Do I do this or that?
Do I commit to His will or my own?
Do I ask for courage and believe He will give it?
Or do I make an excuse and retreat?
To often, I go my own way and guilt torments me.
Emptiness fills me causing repentance to rise in me
clearing the way for His forgiveness to cleanse me.
Affirmation resounds that I haven’t lost His love,
His attention,
His salvation.
I don’t need to regain His affection
for He’s already reconciled my sin.
And no matter what I’ve done – I still belong to Him.
I know He will never abandon me
for He has poured His Spirit into me.
Joy is found in the way of Jesus.
Peace resides in the truth of Jesus.
And hope is given in the life of Jesus.
Alleluia and amen.


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