Monday, May 20, 2013

My Ramblings

Today I had a long uneventful day at work and stopped at the grocery store after work. With my refrigerator full and dinner cooking I sorted and started my laundry. Now I'm sitting here typing on my iPad in the living room with The Voice on the TV. It might seem like I have nothing to exciting or wonderful going on in my life but that couldn't really be further from the truth.

First of all--I woke up this morning!!! Thank you Jesus for another day! I was blessed to wake in a comfortable bed in my own place and enjoyed all the modern conveniences one would expect to find in this quiet, peaceful suburban area. After breakfast, I climbed into my own vehicle and was off to the job I've had for ten years and still very much enjoy!! I'd say that deserves at least an Amen!!! Don't you?

After a full day working for The Lord, I stopped at the grocery store because my frig was empty. It being the later part of the month, I was working with a rather strict budget, and yet managed to walk out with a cart full of food and a grateful heart as the memory of a similar shopping trip from many years ago came to mind. The memory is still so vivid in my mind's eye - me walking out of a grocery store with tears in my eyes and two small bags of groceries in my hands which I had purchased with $20 I borrowed from my parents. I was crying because of all the needed food items I had to leave behind because I couldn't afford them. This time my heart filled with joy and gratitude and I happily made the second trip up the stairs to bring in the rest of all my God provided. 
As I enjoy the quiet evening and do a few chores, I am grateful that God has blessed me in health and wealth and purpose. And as I am lifting prayers of praise for this good day, my heart is also heavy and I can't help but lift prayers of rescue, comfort and restoration to the people of Moore, Oklahoma. I'm praying for them the way I hope they would pray for me if they were having the good day and I was living in the storm and its aftermath.

There's no wrap up or neat bow to this. My hope is that even in my ramblings, God might bring blessing to you.

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Common Household Mom said...

"My hope is that even in my ramblings, God might bring blessing to you."

Yep. God did. And this post did not seem like ramblings but a description of purposeful living of life. It's amazing how easy it is to overlook these blessings we receive every day.