Monday, September 23, 2013

How Is Your Health?

This past week, I was very sick with a bacterial infection and I spent a lot of time making sure I did all the things I needed to do to get healthy. Because this kind of infection has a tendency to trigger my asthma, I do everything I can to stay healthy to begin with, but when I get sick, my only focus is on doing what I need to get better before the asthma kicks in. In fact, I have a check list of things to do:
___ Go to the doctor
___ take medication on time, every time
___ get plenty of rest
___ drink lots of fluids
___ eat healthy
___ DON’T PUSH (I have a tendency to try to keep on with my daily routine even when illness makes that physically impossible.)

That got me to thinking…sin is an infection of the soul, a spiritually terminal disease. What does my spiritual checklist look like?
___ submit my day to God’s will
___ weekly worship
___ daily bible study
___ continuous prayer
___ fellowship with brothers and sisters of the faith

Now there is always the danger of doing each item on the list just to check the item off and not let them effect and change our spiritual health.  So I have to ask myself some questions:
1) Am I really submitting my day to the Lord’s will or am I just saying that to check it off?
2) Am I going to church on Sunday to say I did or am I being changed by the reading and expounding of God’s Word?  Can I explain to someone on Wednesday what the preacher revealed about God’s Word on Sunday and how it’s changed my way of doing things?
3) Am I feeding on Scripture daily, seeking God’s guidance and grace in His Word or am I just reading the words in the book to check it off my list?
4) Am I talking with God all through the day or offering up the obligatory “Good Morning, help me through the day” prayer and tucking God away until the evening “Thanks for the day, God” prayer?
5) Am I meeting with others in the faith during the week to support and be supported or just so I can put it on my spiritual resume?

How is your spiritual health these days?

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