Monday, November 25, 2013

Schooled in Humility

This past week has been an interesting journey into humility. I really do want to have and exhibit the humbleness that is blatantly obvious in our Lord Jesus Christ as revealed in Scripture, but like every other member of the human race, pride, in all its many forms, is my default.

I wish I could tell you the story behind this week’s blog because I know it would be a very familiar one to many of you, but it might cause embarrassment or even hurt feelings for the other individual involved. So let’s just say that among the many normal accomplishments I achieve on a daily basis…getting out of bed in the morning, bringing a bag lunch instead of spending money I don’t have in my budget for lunch out, doing my work to the best of my ability, supporting and loving my family, etc. was one accomplishment that I was particularly proud of and excited to share. That is until I started to share it and this other person ruined my shining moment by stealing the spotlight.

This person wanted everyone around us know how big their contribution to “my” accomplishment was. Now, to be honest – this person was entirely correct. I didn’t do this on my own. If this thing had ended in failure, I alone would have been responsible, so I felt I deserved the applause when I succeeded. But the truth is that I had help. In what I thought should have been my moment of glory, I was angry that this person embarrassed me in front of everyone by pointing out that I really didn’t accomplish this thing at all – we did. My pride had reared its ugly head and instead of celebrating the triumph, I was stewing in anger at this other person.

It kind of reminds me a little of King Saul and David. Saul was the leader of God’s people and bore the heavy responsibility of that position. At the moment of what should have been one of his most glorious accomplishments, he became angry when those celebrating with him pointed out that he didn’t do this great thing on his own. In fact, he had a lot of help. (As they danced, they sang: “Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands.” 1 Samuel 18:7) His pride got the better of him again and he hated David. Not for any wrong David had done, but because Saul had to share “his” moment with someone else.

No one really enjoys being schooled in humility, but I am grateful to have received it. The truth is that I do nothing on my own. God is my strength, my breath, my guide, and my path. “My” accomplishments are His accomplishments in and through me. If there was one Person who deserved the praise and glory of that moment last week, it was God and both I and the other person missed that completely. From here on out, If glory is to be given, I hope to do a better job of making sure it given to the One who deserves all glory and praise – Jesus!

May God bless you all with a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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