Monday, March 17, 2014

Why Lent?

It's Lent—the time of the year when we Christians take stock of our discipleship and relationship with Christ. Time to repent. To renew our hearts, minds, and commitment to Christ. Some do this by giving up something precious for the Lenten season as a way of remembering and sharing in Christ's sacrifice for our sins. Some will add a new discipline like reading the bible daily or daily acts of kindness and blessing to others. However we do it, Lent is a time religious tradition has chosen to take a good hard look at our relationship with God and our discipleship, to repent of our sins, our failings, and our apathy towards God's will in our lives.

This is a time to ask the tough questions. Am I a good Christian? Do I really love God or am I just going through the motions? Am I seeking his will or mine in my daily walk? We don't do this to condemn ourselves, but to repent and renew our commitment to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We remember how he gave everything to save us and allow our gratitude to swell into praises to our God and King. Then on Easter morning, with a renewed heart, mind and attitude, we celebrate history's greatest act of love and victory with the joy of undeserved grace.

But that is just the beginning because the day after Easter, we don't just "go back to normal" and forget about it again until next year. If I do all this and don't grow in my love for God, in my faith and discipleship—if I don't change during this time of Lent—then I am doing something very wrong! On the Monday after Easter, I should be more in love with the Lord, more anxious to get about his work and ministry, in spreading the Good News of the Gospel to the world as Jesus commanded just before he returned to the Father.
Lent is not a time to get through. It's a time to jump start my discipleship. It's hard work that lays the foundation for the future. Why do I do it? I have a God who created me and loves me to the point of dying for me and who is so powerful he rose from the dead to be in eternal relationship with me. Why wouldn't I do it?

May God bless you in this time of renewal as he is blessing me.

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Audrey said...

I'm so glad that you included the word apathy in this piece. I struggle with apathy, and I know that it keeps me from growing as a Christian. During Lent, I'm going to pray about it and think about ways I can change. Thanks for making me think Maureen!