Monday, November 24, 2014

A Relationship to Be Grateful For

I had reason this week to think a lot about the relationships I’ve had and have in my life, those that have failed and those that haven’t. I knew a young woman a few years ago who struggled in her marriage because it wasn’t the “happily ever after” she expected it to be. When I told her that no marriage is a fairytale and that love is hard work, she desperately clung to her denial, telling me that it can’t be love if you have to work at it. It will be no surprise to you to hear that her marriage ended shortly after that conversation. I also know too many families where the parents and children are estranged for any number of reasons. One generation doesn’t or won’t live up to the other’s expectations because they are all broken people unable to give what the others need.

Relationships are hard work. To begin with, relationships consist of two people who are human and therefore fallible. Because people grow and change over time, relationships are fluid so that even if you happen upon a perfect moment in the relationship, the fluidity of life will wash that moment away. Too often, people try to hold onto that single moment and become disappointed and sometime even bitter that they can’t instead of appreciating the relationship for what it is presently. Or they are in their idea of the perfect moment in the relationship and worry too much about how it is going to change in the future to truly enjoy the gift of the relationship as it is right now. It’s a miracle that any relationship lasts these days in this society where everything, including relationships, is disposable and easily replaced.

Then there is the relationship I have with Jesus. He is perfect and infallible. He never has a selfish moment. He never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Even though I am sinful and at times selfish and constantly changing, he is the solid foundation of our relationship. It was his word that created me, his love that reached out to me, his Son who redeemed me, and his Spirit who goes through life with me. There is no where I can go that he isn’t and no thing I can do that would lessen his love for me. He seeks me out wherever I am physically, emotionally, spiritually because I am his creation, his image bearer, his child. Even if I quit on him, he will never quit me. In his eyes, our relationship is never disposable and can never be replaced.

I don’t deserve his love, but every day I am growing in gratitude and love for this love of God I know will never waver, or change or die.

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Audrey said...

I love and cling to your phrase.. .he will never quit me!
Thanks for sharing this truth.