Monday, November 10, 2014

What Can I Say About Love?

Yesterday at church, in our children's sermon, we remembered the Veterans who love this country and its people so much that they gave their service and some their lives to ensure our freedom. The pastor of course made the connection that Jesus also served and gave everything for our freedom--our freedom from sin. It made me think about a poem I wrote and shared in December 2011. I hope you enjoy it.

What Can I Say about Love?
Love is a choice, 
a way of life, 
a sacrifice. 
It's a connection that can't be broken, 
a purpose, 
a light.
It's not about me and all about you.
It's your strength in my weakness.
It's a treasure 
and truth.
Love knows and accepts me 
for who I am
and inspires me to be better,
to be more, 
it's why I wake 
and what my heart beats for.
It's our greatest desire,
a need to give and receive.
It's a sharing, 
a gift, 
between you and me.
It's not just a feeling that warms our hearts
though warming it does
Love is going without that I may give
Love gives its own life that its beloved may live
Whatever you think love is
It's so much more
when our love is His
our lives redeemed,
our minds renewed, 
and our hearts restored.


Audrey said...

Wonderful thought...beautifully written! Thanks Maureen

Common Household Mom said...

It's so hard to define love. Best to do it in a poem. Like this one!