Monday, December 29, 2014

The Reckoning

The new year is coming fast. As I was thinking about leaving behind the old year and entering into the new one, I was reminded of a poem I posted a couple of years ago about leaving behind the old and entering into the new me in Christ. It's a good reminder, while we're thinking about all those goals we want to achieve in the New Year, of what is truly important and what we all really need to focus our energies and efforts on most in the coming year--a deeper devotion to Christ. Enjoy!

So wrong and sinful am I
that I could not hide
my shame from the light 
of Your glory.
I had no excuses,
no defense to submit,
no hope of acquittal
from the long list of sins
I’d chosen to commit.
Whatever Your judgment
I deserved it full well 
and hopeless I waited
for a pronouncement of hell – 
away from Your glory,
Your presence,
Your light.
Then arose from the depths
of my spirit-dead soul
a desolate cry,
“Mercy, my God” 
and tears of repentance
streamed from my eyes.
You heard my confession,
saw the regret of my heart,
then took me up in Your arms
and tenderly spoke,
“My dear little child
for your sake I died
and rose from the grave
so that on this day
I could joyfully declare
Your debt has been paid.
Now receive My forgiveness
My love and My grace
and be with Me always.
Stand firm in My ways.
I’ll teach you to love
and to lay down your life,
to know the difference
between what is wrong 
and what’s right.
Follow My voice.
My Spirit will lead
as you travel the path
marked out by Me.
There’s no need to fear
nor hide your face 
from My gaze
for My love and My grace
has brought us together.
From this day forward
I proclaim us to be
Heavenly Father – 
beloved child,
now and forever
together in Me.”

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Common Household Mom said...


"{God's} mercies are ever in their maturity:
We ask our daily bread,
And God never says:
You should have come yesterday."

- John Donne