Monday, February 23, 2015

Ringing in My Ears

I’ve had tinnitus for as long as I can remember. At a young age and without realizing it, I learned to listen past the constant whine in my ears to hear everything else—music, laughter, a friend’s voice, the TV, my mother!!  With one older and one younger brother around—one of them being borderline hyperactive—the only quiet time to be had in our home was late at night. And with nothing else to listen to the ringing in my ears seemed louder. I remember thinking the noise I heard was crickets and other insects outside my window. It was only later in life that I learned what it was. Throughout my teenage and adult life, I grew accustomed to having some kind of white noise around me like a radio or TV to drown out the constant ringing because in a quiet space, the noise could drive me crazy!

I mention this because I’ve been experimenting with trying to reduce the noise in my life and I’m finding that the ringing is just as loud, clear and constant as ever. When I’m busy concentrating on my work or watching TV, I can barely hear the high pitch squeal that is always there. That got me to thinking about how the white noise is a lot like worldly desires. The more I pay attention to them, the more I am drawn to them, and the more I drown out the constant clear voice of God. But when I turn away from the world’s white noise of success, money, new toys, “busy”ness, etcetera, God’s constant voice becomes louder and clearer for me to hear. That is my goal over the next few weeks—to push away the noise of the world so that all that's left is the voice of the Lord ringing in my ears and my heart.

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