Monday, November 9, 2015

My Name Is...

My Name Is...
My name is Israel—
he who wrestles God.
Struggling with my will, 
my way, 
with the words I pray.
Rolling round on the ground,
kicking up the dirt.
Yes, I am one who wrestles
until, my God, he blesses me.
And limping away
I follow his lead.
My name is David—
one after God’s own heart.
in my arrogance and pride
I take another’s bride
and think nothing of it,
when my sin might be revealed,
her husband’s life I steal.
My sin and guilt disguised,
but from the Lord I cannot hide
and my heart breaks.
Crushed by my sin, I cry.
In His name alone I’m justified.
My name is Paul,
once known as Saul—
one who knew the word
but didn’t know His voice
when my name He called.
“Why persecute Me?” He said.
“Let Me set you free
and send you out
among the nations all
to preach and teach
My love, My grace
and how in My Name
all can know 
the Father’s embrace.”
My name is …
and though I am a sinner,
in the power of Jesus’ name
His love, His grace
I will proclaim!

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