Monday, November 16, 2015

The Law of Your Love and Grace

This week's news of the terrorists attacks in France has touched me deeply. So deeply that I just couldn't express my thoughts today. As deeply as it affects me, it breaks the heart of our Father even more which reminded me of a poem I shared a few years ago. Enjoy!

The Law of Your Love and Grace
How sad it must be for the Father above
To watch us hurt and kill
instead of love.
To see our self-righteous pride
reject and destroy 
the blessings He gave  
all for the sake of the sin we crave.
Before the beginning
He set in his mind
to share of Himself,
His love and His grace,
and carefully crafted this human race.
Brothers and sisters 
we all are in His name
bonded in Spirit
through Christ’s blood – 
For God’s Word went out
proclaiming His love and His grace.
The Voice that spoke the heavens 
and earth into being
has spoken forgiveness 
and my sins are erased!
We all want to know joy
to be loved 
and secure 
a longing created by God to bring us near.
A desire distorted by sin with
regret, shame and fear.
God’s Word is not about perfection 
but love and grace.
Condemning my brother 
would be my disgrace.
No matter the hardships
I may face in this time 
and this place
I pray my faith stay firmly set
in the law of Your love and Your grace.

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