Monday, January 4, 2016

Planning Ahead - Sailing by the Star of the Savior

Sailing by the Star of the Savior
A new year. 
A fresh start. 
The coming year 
is nothing but possibilities. 
Uncharted seas full of adventure. 
But what star shall I follow?
And where will it take me?
Only last month I followed a star
to Bethlehem,
to the manger
and gazed in awe upon the Savior,
upon the face of God 
as He slept 
in a basinet of fresh hay
cushioning Him as it 
crinkled and cracked 
beneath the newborn babe.
His lullaby— 
the mooooo of the cow
and baaaaaa of the sheep.
He is the light
by which I choose to sail
through the unknown future,
through life’s stormy seas,
and crystal clear waters.
I will follow His star 
through ashes and suppers,
through the darkest of Fridays
and joyous of Sundays!
Through fiery Spirit-filled celebrations
and endless repetitious days
of ordinary hours
culminating in a table of gratitude.
I will follow His star back to Bethlehem anew.
I will follow the light of my Savior!
Will you?

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