Monday, May 30, 2016

Celebrating Love

Today is Memorial Day. Today is a day to celebrate love. What?! Isn't Memorial Day about remembering those who gave their life to protect and ensure our freedom and liberties? What's that got to do with love? Think this through with me. All those men and women who gave their lives--why?

Why do sane people leave behind their families, their lives to participate in the violence and chaos that is war? A sense of honor, duty, to protect those they love, to ensure the freedom they hold dear continues to exist. Some willingly go. Some conscripted. All fearful for their own lives, the lives of their comrades, their families and for the innocents they go to defend and protect. That's why they do it but what motivates them? What is the power that drives them into violent, unstable parts of the world? What keeps them moving forward when their entire being begs them to go back?

I believe it is love. Love of family. Love of country. Love for the American way of life, however flawed it may be at times. I've heard POW stories that consistently claim that it was love for their families that gave them the strength to endure, survive, and overcome. Love for a brother-in-arms is the only reasonable explanation why one man would trigger a landmine or step into a stream of artillery to sacrifice his life for his friend's.

As Christians, we have a unique understanding of a love that leads to a similar kind of sacrifice. I leave you with this poem I wrote about love.

What Can I Say about Love?
Love is a choice, 
a way of life, 
a sacrifice. 
It's a connection that can't be broken, 
a purpose, 
a light.
It's not about me and all about you.
It's your strength in my weakness.
It's a treasure 
and truth.
Love knows and accepts me 
for who I am
and inspires me to be better,
to be more, 
it's why I wake 
and what my heart beats for.
It's our greatest desire,
a need to give and receive.
It's a sharing, 
a gift, 
between you and me.
It's not just a feeling that warms our hearts
though warming it does
Love is going without that I may give
Love gives its own life that its beloved may live
Whatever you think love is
It's so much more
when our love is His
our lives redeemed,
our minds renewed, 
and our hearts restored.

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