Monday, November 21, 2016

The Root of Gratitude

It's times like these when I am amazed at how many different ways preachers can preach the same basic message every year around this time. How many different ways is there to express how we are to be thankful to the Lord our God for his inconceivable grace? That's the question I put to God this week. Below is his answer. Apparently there was at least one more. Enjoy!

The Root of Gratitude
Touched by your Holy Spirit,
Hope swells this humble heart in
Admiration of your selfless generosity.
Nothing compares to your extraordinary
Kindness—for in your compassion you look beyond my
Sin-ridden soul and lavish me in the
Grace of your own sacrifice.
I can’t comprehend, nor ever repay you for, the wondrous
Victory your cross and empty grave confer on me.
I can never fully express my gratitude. 
Not a moment passes when I am not in awe of my
Great Redeemer, God and King.