Monday, April 17, 2017

Hope Is An Empty Tomb

Hope Is An Empty Tomb
Hope isn’t a wish.
It isn’t a goal to work towards 
or reward when I get there.
It’s more than a belief 
or philosophy of life. 
Hope is an empty tomb 
and it is the foundation 
of my relationship with Christ—
that His death and resurrection 
redeemed and renewed 
every one of us 
forever, you and me, 
those before and 
those who follow. 
Hope is the ground beneath my feet 
when the floor gives way. 
It’s the air I breathe 
when caught in the vacuum 
of human inability 
and indifference.
This kind of hope is 
being absolutely sure of 
what I cannot know or prove. 
My hope rest in the One 
who redeems me, 
who started the good work 
of grace within me and 
who will finish the job. 
My hope is in the One 
who rose from the dead, 
who brings me out of the grave of 
my spirit-dead living 
into a fresh Spirit-filled life. 
This hope comes from knowing 
the One who created me, 
who died for my sins, 
and rose from the dead to 
live and reign forever. 
As long as Christ lives, 
so does the hope which 
lives within me.

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