Monday, May 15, 2017

Ordinary Everyday Triggers

This last week has been bittersweet. The week of Mother’s Day usually is. This day set aside to celebrate our mothers affords me the opportunity to make a special effort to tell the woman who raised me that I appreciate and love her deeply. It’s also a smack-in-the-face reminder that all that are left of my mother-son relationship are the fading memories. Sometimes, ordinary things will trigger a memory so vivid I am transported in my mind back to that moment. The "My Mom is the Greatest" teacup he gave me one Mother’s Day over twenty-five years ago brings me back to the five year old that wanted to see me use it. It’s been used and washed so many times that the words are now faded, but the memory is as clear as the day he gave it to me.

Scarecrows in the fall remind me of his twice-a-day, every-day-for-six-months fascination with the Wizard of Oz and how expertly he had copied the Scarecrow’s song and dance complete with hay (Easter grass) falling from his shirt when he fell. Sometimes it’s so real, I laugh and cry at the same time.

I started to wonder if there are ordinary things in my life that “trigger” a realization of my relationship with Jesus. I thought of rainbows that remind me of God’s promise that he will never give up on me. When I see a mother cradling her baby, I feel the love and security of being God’s beloved child. Butterflies trigger a sense hope and of being a new creation in Christ.

So this week, I’ve decided to search for all those precious ordinary things in my life that trigger a sense of God’s presence.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. 
Jeremiah 29:13

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Common Household Mom said...

That's a precious memory about the scarecrow and the Wizard of Oz.

I like that you have found a positive way of thinking about triggers.