Monday, June 5, 2017

The Last Post

God has called me to so many wonderful ministries over the years. Each time I had clear sense of call that I couldn’t ignore beckoning me into action and I’ve learned so much about myself, my relationship with God and others along the way. I went into each call to service not for my own edification, but wanting to bring glory to God and be a blessing to others. Yet each time God overwhelmed me in blessings which have deepen my awareness of God’s presence, grace, and love in my own life.

God doesn’t just call us into ministry but also away from those ministries. Maybe because we’ve given all we can and it’s time for a rest. Maybe because he is preparing us to serve in another way. In my own life, when that time comes, I feel unsettled, relieved, sad and excited. Leaving behind something I’ve put my heart into is hard. Not knowing where I’m going next is both uncomfortable and exciting.

The Parable of My Life began as a spiritual discipline—a way for me to seek and recognize God in my everyday life. When I first started this blog eight years ago, my only intention was to share that discipline with whomever God brought to it. God was blessing me abundantly in understanding and I just had to share it. I have been amazed right alongside you at some of the beautiful poetry and insightful stories God has inspired me to write. What started as a spiritual discipline has blossomed into my own personal ministry for the last eight years and I have enjoyed sharing my heart with you. But for a while now, this ministry has for me ceased to be a discipline and become an obligation that is less about God and more about putting words on a page. God and you deserve more than that so this will be my last post. I have enjoyed our time together and I hope our paths will meet again offline.

Blessings to you all!


Common Household Mom said...

Thank you for writing this blog. I appreciate it. Yes, ending a ministry is hard to do. May you be blessed as you go forward.

Green Grandma said...

This makes me so sad. I will miss your words, like I miss your physical presence in my life. You have been blessed with a gift. May God clearly show you the path ahead and how He wishes for you to keep using this gift. I hope we will see each other again.